Transmission Technology

Transmission Repair and Service – Cambridge, Ontario


Did you know that a faulty radio, tires, and even an exhaust problem can affect the way your transmission operates?

Yes. It can affect your transmission. The vehicles we drive today are computer controlled; these computers rely on many sensors to interpret vehicle speed and different working loads that the vehicle will experience. If the computer is being lied to by a faulty sensor, it may cause drivability complaints that you (the customer) may interpret as a transmission failure.

Where am I going with this? Transmissions may not always be the cause of the drivability complaint!

I am sure we all appreciate a doctor that requests an x-ray and blood work prior to any surgery or even removing any limbs. At Transmission Technology we know that a proper scan (x-ray) and a preliminary investigation review (blood work) will prevent a transmission from being removed from your vehicle unnecessarily.

Here are two things I often tell my clients:
“Always ask 4-5 different people where they would take there car for transmission repairs”
“I have one chance to make you mad at me”
– Carlos Costa